N is for Naughty! Bachmann N class misbehaving

Bachmann’s N class has given me another evening of frustration!  The model (of which I have 2) is very temperamental.

The tender has a habit of derailing.  The derailing problem is caused by tension in the drawbar that does not have a smooth action when correcting movement – the tension pushes the tender off the track on each corner.  I’ve improved its reliability by changing part of the connection with the engine body – though this is not perfect yet and doesn’t look great (see below!)  I’ve replaced the tender connection but kept the connection in the body – I’m sure that if I also replace the body connection it will cure the problem altogether.

Since making the improvement it has helped and is far more reliable.  But now the front bogey has started to derail instead.  Aghhhhh!  I’m beginning to suspect the track-work may be partly to blame for this, so I’ll try re-laying some track to see if it works after.

Other than that, the N class is a nice model of an essential Southern prototype.  The (can) motor is smooth and fairly powerful.  If I can make it stay on the track I will be very happy!  Failing that, I’ll get the elderly split chassis Lord Nelson out and running.  Nellie doesn’t have these problems and is waiting patiently in the yard!

If anyone has any Bachmann N class running tips, feel free to get in touch!