Review – Hornby Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class

Class: Rebuilt Merchant Navy

Use: Express Passenger and Goods

Region: Southern

Era: 1956-1967

Preserved examples:

35005 Canadian Pacific, Watercress Line (Mid-Hants Railway)

35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N.Co., Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

35009 Shaw Savill,East LancashireRailway

35010 Blue Star, British Enginemen’s Steam Preservation Society,ColneValleyRailway

35011 General Steam Navigation,Sellindge,Kent

35018British IndiaLine,SouthCoastSteam,Portland

35022 Holland-America Line,East LancashireRailway

35025 Brocklebank Line,Sellindge,Kent

35027 Port Line,East LancashireRailway

35028 Clan Line,Stewarts Lane,London

35029 Ellerman Lines,NationalRailwayMuseum(sectioned)

Manufacturer: Hornby

Motor: 5 pole Loco-drive

Power: Heavyweight

DCC options: none on early versions, 8 pin dcc ready, sound on its way

Note, my version has been re-named a numbered, with brass nameplates added.

Locoyard Review



No cab details or opening cab roof, otherwise excellent

Outline/Looks: 4.5/5

The shape is excellent and the power of the prototype is captured well



A good finish, although standard printed nameplates are best upgraded and Hornby’sBrunswickgreen doesn’t have the same depth as Bachmann’s

Running Qualities:


Excellent with no defects to report

Relative Power:


The prototype is big and powerful, so is Hornby’s model!



Cab detailing not as good as more modern models.  If you’re not confident at using a soldering iron, DCC users must be sure they purchase DCC ready/fitted versions/



Can be picked up quite cheaply for a large model.  It isn’t fully up to date however, so try not to spend more than £80 if you can help it

Overall Locoyardometer Score: 4.3

A good model that’s slightly out-dated, but well worth having.  It’s reliable, powerful and looks good; it comes highly recommended

Hornby Rebuilt Merchant Navy Locoyardometer 4.3

Detailometer 4, Outlineometer 4.5, Finishometer 3.5, Motorometer 4.5, Powerometer 5, Specometer 4.5, Valueometer 4, Locoyardometer 4.3