Binky’s Big Adventure in Alresford!

Todays post is one of what could be described as set of coincidences or perhaps even destiny; that lead to finding a special book!

Let’s start with a little bit of background… Firstly, my beautiful wife is an avid teddy bear enthusiast.  This is great for me because it allows me to pursue my hobby! Which is my second point (which you all know); my love of steam trains, with the Watercress Line being a favourite haunt.  Finally, for many years and not long since after we became a couple, I often affectionately call her binky!

So you can imagine my surprise when walking into a Waterstones book shop one lunch break when I found a book with a teddy bear called Binky.  Upon picking the book up, the coincidences did not end there!  The book was set in Alresford and featured the Watercress Line!  Binky’s Big Adventure follows a trail (with a map included) that allows the young or young at heart to follow around Alresford (featuring ex-GWR 5205 class 2-8-0 5224 – below), whilst the sequel, Binky in Trouble is set in Winchester.

Binky is a creation of Moira Blackwell and Liz Nankinvell, both of whom my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting at last Sunday’s Watercress Festival when I purchased my wife signed copies.  We also met Binky himself!  I heartedly recommend the books if you have any young one’s (and/or love teddies), especially as it can be brought to life by following the routes in the book.  Not forgetting of course, that Binkys Big Adventure could be the excuse for you to visit the Watercress Line you’ve been waiting for!

Check out the website to find out more!  You can also follow the authors’ progress with future editions on twitter (@AllAboutBinky).