BR Standard 7MT 70004 William Shakespeare

There is an exciting new arrival at the yard!  A Hornby Britannia class (standard 7MT) 70004 William Shakespeare.  This is a limited edition and from what I can see was almost completely pre-sold.  It is a commemorative edition, marking 40 years since the last Golden Arrow express ran.  It comes with detailing parts including the Golden Arrow headboard, flags, brass nameplates.  First impressions are that this is simply one of the most stunning models I’ve ever seen.  The level of detail, body-shape, decoration and just the general impression of power that the model has are fantastic.  If it runs every bit as good as the model railway press say it does, it may even take over my King Arthur class in being the best model I have the pleasure of owning!

The model will be chipped, run in and reviewed in due course, although that will have to happen in a week or two.  In the meantime, here are a couple of posed shots to whet your appetite!