Maunsell Lord Nelson and U Class on a dry (at last!) Watercress Line

Today’s post is a catch up on another visit to the Watercress Line, this time though it was not raining, thank goodness!  I visited the railway last Sunday.

Upon arrival at Alresford I managed to get a few shots of U class 31806 before it departed.  This locomotive really is a credit to the railway’s loco works and a solid workhorse of the Southern and it’s great to see it in operation.

I then went for a short 5-10 minute walk, starting by going from the station towards the town centre and taking a right just past the police station.  A footpath takes you through the church graveyard.  By following the path as far as it goes and then taking a right-hand turn followed by another right, you find yourself on a bridge over the railway.  It isn’t a bad spot in itself, but this time I wanted to go a little further.

There is a footpath that can be found across the bridge and immediately on the left.  The path is a little over-grown and clearly a favourite for inconsiderate dog-owners (mind your step!)  Despite these hazards it is worth braving the path as it takes you to a good viewpoint of the line.

If you get there in the afternoon, you will have the sun is behind you, and you can get a nice picture or two.  If you decide to try this view-point, take into account that trains will be drifting down-hill so will not be making much, if any fuss.  There is also little space if other enthusiasts are present.

From here, 850 Lord Nelson came through and I caught it on video – 850 Lord Nelson approaching Alresford.  

The day was rounded off nicely by walking back to Alresford station and having a good look at ‘Nellie’ and watching it leave (video 2 – 850 Lord Nelson departing Alresford.)  As ever, it was a fantastic day out at this wonderful preserved line.