Locoyard’s Unsung Hero 1111 due a facelift

With the number of visits to preserved line’s that I’ve had in the past few week’s the layout has seen little action.  But as days get shorter and colder, I think this will change!  There has been one small purchase made – a new Hornby Hunslet Austerity saddle tank J94 body.

The layout’s fiddle yard shunter 1111 has rarely got much more than a mention; mainly because it suffered from being one of my poorer attempts at re-spraying.  The locomotive, with it’s heavy coat of French Blue paint has nonetheless been regularly in action; mainly shunting but with an occasional run to keep the motor running sweetly, such as below when it double-headed with terrier 3 Bodiam (below).  Hornby’s model (of Dapol origin) may lack the finesse of modern models, being both a little noisy and and a little outdated in looks; but it is slow-geared and powerful enough to be a useful shunter.

The model will now take on the identity of BR J94 68062 whilst I decide whether to have a second attempt at re-painting it.  The model has got me thinking about the prototype.  The real thing, as with my model; doesn’t hit the headlines but it is incredibly useful.  Being called an “Austerity” is never going to inspire much enthusiasm, but I have never understood why people have shunned them and called them ugly.  What do, locoyard follower, think of this locomotive class?  Do you think they are ugly?  I’ll be looking at the type in a bit more detail in the near future to see if there is more than meets the eye to the Austerity/J94 saddle tank.