Rolling Stock on the Bluebell Railway

The Bluebell Railway has an incredible fleet of rolling stock.  Most are based at Horsted Keynes; but a trip to Sheffield Park still provides an ample opportunity to view some of these.  Today we have closer look at a just a few carriages of interest; photographed during the visit made to the railway in August.

We begin with looking at Pullman Parlour third “Christine”, formally “No 64” (pictures above and below).  Built in 1928 and rebuilt in 1937 as a third class Parlour this coach was last overhauled in 2006.  I think you will agree that it looks fantastic!

Another third class Pullman (above) used on the Bluebell Line’s Golden Arrow service is 1928 built carriage; “Lilian” (formally “Car 76”).

The above carriage is painted in Pullman colours but is a six-wheeled Gangwayed Guard’s brake Stove R of LMS origin.  It has been converted into Pantry to be used on the Bluebell’s Golden Arrow service.

Perhaps not quite as interesting is the final coach that makes up the Bluebell Line’s current “Golden Arrow” service – BR mark 1 RBR 1674.  This is carriage is on loan to the railway.

A carriage of interest to Southern enthusiasts is pictured above.  Bulleid produced a number of elegant carriages whilst CME of Southern and this semi-open brake third S4279S is an excellent example.  Some of you may recall the length’s I’ve gone to improve my Bachmann 00 scale version of this type (click here for more).

Great Northern Railway Director’s saloon 706 is pictured above.

Last but by no means least we have LNWR observation car 1503.  If you are interested about recreating this in 00 scale, I strongly advise you to check out the Bluebell Model Railway, for guidance and inspiration!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at a few of the Bluebell line’s carriages.  The coaches included in this blog post are a very small portion of the Bluebell Railway’s fleet, if you want to see more, check out the Bluebell Railway’s website rolling stock list.