Bachmann SR Pill Box Brake Van Review

Bachmann’s latest rolling stock release is of significant importance to the Southern modeller.  This new super-detailed model of the SR Pill Box Brake Van is a welcome addition to Locoyard, where I’m sure it will see much use on goods trains!  Built between 1929 to 1948; the Southern Pill Box brake van saw service into the 1990’s so I’m sure the models will find many homes on layouts of different eras.

The model is excellent, with a great finish.  The little buffers, handrails and riveting are particularly good, with a fantastic finish.  My only small criticism is of the shiny flat frames, but these could easily be weathered.  All in all, it’s great high quality model and good value at £11-£13.

Tomorrow we shall review Hornby’s Q1 class model, an ideal locomotive to pull a goods train with the Bachmann SR Pill Box brake van in tow!