Hornby Bulleid Q1 Class Model Review

Following last week’s review of the Hunslet Austerity saddle tank; today we look at another Austerity design, this one more unloved than most!  Bulleid’s 0-6-0 Q1 class was the most powerful 0-6-0 ever built in the UK.  The design was very unconventional and gave it a unique appearance.  Previous articles have been written on the locomotive in the past (click here and here to read more), but today we look at Hornby’s 00 scale model to see how good it is.

Class: Bulleid Q1 class

Use: Heavy Goods

Region: Southern

Era: 1942 – 1966

Preserved examples:

C1 – National Railway Museum

Manufacturer: Hornby

Motor: 5 pole Loco-drive

Power: Heavyweight

DCC options: 8 pin dcc ready / fitted

Locoyard Review



The cab (above) is fantastic.  Rivets, lamp irons, cab doors are all present though cab roof lacks the opening roof door seen on other Hornby models.   The model is fragile and the cab doors in particular are too easy to knock off.

Outline/Looks: 4.5/5

Brilliant looks (or should I say; it looks as it should!)  Looking at it front-on it looks a little more narrow than it should but that’s due to the general inaccuracy of 00 scale (1:76) sharing the same 4mm track width as H0 scale (1:87).  As the Q1 class has no running frames it makes this scale inaccuracy even more noticeable than usual.



Overall satin black finish is good, if a tiny bit shiny and plasticky.  By rights a Q1 class should be weathered anyway though!

Running Qualities:


Smooth, silent mechanism is one of the best I’ve seen with excellent pick-ups on all wheels.  It is reliable too and copes well with most track-work.

Relative Power:


The motor is very powerful and I’m yet to find any shortcomings in this department.



It has almost everything except DCC sound.  The loco body has plenty of room for a DCC decoder and responds well to DCC installation.  The only obvious minor omission is an opening cab roof.



Not bad value for the specification and quality.  It can be picked up pretty cheaply secondhand.

Overall Locoyardometer Score: 4.5

Excellent performance and a good all-rounder; Bulleid’s Q1 class looks as it should and deserves a Locoyardometer 5 star rating!  Watch out for fragile parts being knocked off; it’s very easy to do.

Detailometer 4.5, Outlineometer 4.5, Finishometer 4.5, Motorometer 5, Powerometer 5, Specometer 4, Valueometer 4, Locoyardometer 4.5