Bachmann BR Standard 9F Class DCC Fitting Guide

Today we have a very brief glimpse at Bachmann’s BR Standard 9F class and find out how to fit a DCC decoder to it.  This is one of two models of the type, the other being the fantastically good value Hornby Railroad 9F.  Bachmann’s version is more detailed, heavier and generally costs twice the amount.  “Is it worth it?”  I hear you ask… that is a question that will be answered at a later date.  Before that question can be answered properly the locomotive will need to be tested around the Locoyard circuit and we need to fit a DCC chip to make this happen; so here is the DCC fitting guide.

Bachmann’s model is DCC ready, with the DCC socket located on the motor, found in the smokebox.  To access it you will need to separate the body from the chassis.  To do this, remove the first screw located at the front of the model (found under the front bogey) and the last screw (the larger of the two) located under the cab as shown above.

Once separated from the body, the chassis can be accessed.  As usual, replace the blanking plug with the DCC decoder, matching the “1” with the orange cable.  The DCC decoder can be fixed into the inside of the smokebox.  The space available is reasonable, if not quite big enough for larger DCC chips.  I used a Hornby R8249 DCC chip wrapped in insulation tape.  As usual, test the locomotive before fixing the body back together.  That’s all there is to it – a nice easy job, done in a few minutes.