Bachmann SECR C Class – DCC fitting guide

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 DCC Fitting guide

Adding a DCC chip to the 21 pin socket in the tender of Bachmann’s C class is a fairly easy task.  However, you must be very gentle with the tender and the permanently connected locomotive as there are delicate details that could easily be broken off.  After testing the model works in DC operation, the first step is to unscrew the three screws as indicated above. The two screws at the front of the tender are tiny – be sure not to loose them!  With the screws removed, the tender top will very easily come away from the chassis.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 DCC Fitting guide (1)

21 pin DCC chips are generally easy to fit.  As they are larger than 8 pin chips, they often do not need a wiring harness and can be slotted directly into the socket.  A Bachmann 36-554 DCC chip was fitted to this model.  The next step in the DCC fitting process is to remove the blanking plate as indicated in the picture above from the socket and replace it with the DCC chip.   Tip – the 21 pin chip is inserted directly into it’s circuit board – the DCC chip sits with the rubber piece facing up.

Bachmann SECR C Class 592 DCC Fitting guide (2)Now test that it works and re-assemble the tender.  Now you are ready to run the model digitally!  To learn more about the model, click here for it’s review.