Dukedog 9017 – A Vanishing Act!

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In 2009, I witnessed the spectacle all steam enthusiasts love to see – a locomotive creating a massive cloud of steam that it disappeared in!  Mistakenly I assumed that this was blowing steam out of every valve but I’ve been since corrected that the cause is likely to be caused by water coming out of the bottom of the boiler under pressure and flashing into steam (thanks Anthony!)  The locomotive was ex-GWR Dukedog class 9017 in BR black.  Sadly the locomotive stopped running in 2011 due to boiler and mechanical faults.  However, it will kas returned to the forefront of model railways, as Bachmann have produced a model in 00 scale of this class (click here for the review).

2009 - Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park - 9017 & 34059 Sir Archibald SinclairTo read more about this locomotive, it worth looking at the Bluebell Railway’s web page for this locomotive.  On a related note, I’d also like to mention an excellent model railway blog that is well worth keeping an eye on.  Frank’s Jottings is a both interesting and entertaining to read – Frank’s sense of humour shine’s through!  Frank is in the process of (amongst other things) building a couple of Dukedog Kit’s, which makes for a very interesting read!

2009 - Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park - 9017This weekend should see the publishing of a model locomotive review – and not the review you might be expecting – so stay tuned!