Hornby GNR/LNER Gresley N2 class DCC Fitting Guide

Hornby Ex-LNER Gresley N2 class - 69563 (cab)

Following the review of Hornby’s 00 scale recreation of  GNR/LNER Gresley’s N2 class; today we look at how to fit a DCC chip to the DCC Ready version.  Those who are looking to use this model digitally will be pleased to hear that fitting a DCC chip is a doddle!  As usual, it is best to test that the model works well in DC operation before fitting the the decoder.

Hornby Ex-LNER Gresley N2 class - 69563 - DCC Fitting GuideTo remove the body from the chassis, all you need to do is unscrew one screw from the front of the model, as indicated above.  The body can then be gently pulled apart from the back forwards.

Hornby Ex-LNER Gresley N2 class - 69563 - DCC Fitting Guide (1)The 8 pin DCC plug is towards the front of the model (see above).  To fit a DCC decoder, simply remove the blanking plate and replace as per manufacturers instructions.  There is lots of space in the body for a DCC decoder, so a large one will be fine.

Hornby Ex-LNER Gresley N2 class - 69563 - DCC Fitting Guide (2)Test that the model works on DCC track before refitting the body to the chassis.  When re-fitting the body to the chassis, do it gently.  If it does not fit together easily; do not try to force it!  It will fit together with very little pressure if done at the right angle.  Do not be tempted to force it – when you get the right angle you will be amazed how smooth re-fitting the body is!  The re-screw the one screw and you are done!