The Future of Mainline Steam?

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I am sure many of you have read or heard through the heritage railway press that the future of Mainline Steam is currently resting on whether the Office of Rail Regulation pass legislation to remove a cap on fines for late running services caused by charter trains.  Currently, the cap stands at £5,000, but if this legislation is passed, the risk to charter train operators of costly damages will increase massively and will probably result in them being no longer being viable.  For all of you who love to see or be pulled by a heritage steam locomotive on the mainline, this is a travesty.  The mainline is the only place where these glorious machines can still do what they were designed to do – run at speed, with heavy load.  The likes of Tornado, Princess Elizabeth, the Duchess of Sutherland, Bittern, Clan Line, the Duke of Gloucester and Britannia and many others are really only mostly viable as working steam engines on the mainline.  Why would a 25mph limited, 7 coach preserved railway train; ever require such power?  I urge you all to act by signing this petition (click here) and sharing this link with all like-minded people you know.  If you, like me want to continue to see such scenes as above, you need to sign the petition, so please do.