Apple Green is the most popular colour Tornado has appeared in to-date!

Apple Green

In the past month, Locoyard has conducted a poll to find out the most popular colour that A1 Pacific Tornado has been painted in.  An excellent response rate of 204 people voted.  Of these votes, exactly a half were for one colour – apple green.

It seems that the (mainly) pre-BR brighter shade of green is seen as more attractive to most people than the relatively drab colours.  Indeed, looking at these statistics, it is no wonder that National Railway Museum insist on keeping LNER A3 pacific 4472 Flying Scotsman in apple green.

2010 - Watercress Line - Alton - 60163 Tornado

The biggest shock was the extent to how poorly brunswick green did in the poll; with a mere 32 votes (15.69%).  The original Peppercorn A1 pacifics were ordered by LNER but built after nationalisation.  Brunswick green is the colour most closely associated with the class when they were in service, so I was surprised that more people did not prefer this colour on the A1 Trust’s recreation.

2010 - Watercress Line - Alton - 60163 TornadoWith just under 30% of the votes, BR blue came out as the second most popular colour.  Interestingly, after the first three weeks of the poll, BR blue gained and held on to a lead in the votes, but was overtaken dramatically by apple green in the final week.  It is difficult to say whether the BR blue votes have been affected by the fact that the livery has only recently been applied to Tornado and is relatively fresh and interesting.  That said, it is fair to say that big blue locomotives do have a popular following; something that no doubt has been influenced by Thomas the Tank Engine and friends “Gordon”!

Apple GreenFinally, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this poll and made it so exciting!  Thank you Locoyard followers!  If you would like to add any comments or interpretations of the results, please feel free to add your opinion below.

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  1. Express passenger (Caley?) 🙂 blue is my personal favourite but there’s absolutely no denying the beauty of the original Doncaster green livery on this big pacific!


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