Watercress Great Spring Gala 2013 Locomotive Line-Up

Watercress Railway - Bighton Lane - Schools Class V - 925 Cheltenham & 850 Lord Nelson

This Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd March, the Watercress Line will be holding their Great Spring Steam Gala.  In anticipation of this; today we look at the planned steam locomotive line-up for the event, in order of build date.

2013 Great Spring Steam Gala - Watercress Line - Ropley - Ex-LSWR T9 class - 30120 & Southern Schools V - 925 Cheltenham

This beautiful locomotive returns to it’s former operating base for the weekend! Updated Blog Post

Class:  T9 class
Region:  Southern (London and South Western Railway)
Number:  30120
Livery:  Lined BR black
Built:   1899, Nine Elms
Home Base: Bodmin & Wenford Railway (owned by the National Collection)

Ashford Open Day 1992 - NRM SR N15 King Arthur Class- 777 Sir Lamiel (Southern olive green livery)

The last time I saw this locomotive was in 1992, so I am very excited to see it again!

Class:  N15 King Arthur class
Region:  Southern
Number:  777
Name:  Sir Lamiel
Livery:  Southern Malachite Green
Built:   1925, North British Locomotive Company
Home Base: Mainline certified (owned by the National Collection)

2012 - Watercress Railway - Ropley - Southern Locomotive - 850 Lord Nelson

Currently a resident of the Watercress Line, 850 Lord Nelson is owned by the National Railway Museum.  This powerful 4 cylinder 4-6-0 is a unique survivor of its class.

Class:  Lord Nelson class
Region:  Southern
Number:  850
Name:  Lord Nelson
Livery:  Southern Malachite Green
Built:   1926, Brighton
Home Base: Watercress Line (owned by the National Collection)

2013 Great Spring Steam Gala - Watercress Line - Medstead & Four Marks - GWR 5101 class Prairie Tank - 5164

This large GWR Prairie is a last-minute replacement for 3717 City of Truro. Updated Blog Post

Class:  5101
Region:  Western
Number:  5164
Livery:  GWR Green
Built:   1930, Swindon
Home Base: Severn Valley Railway

2012 - Watercress Line - Medstead and Four Marks - Schools class V - 925 Cheltenham - Santa SpecialsThis beautiful three cylinder Southern locomotive is a regular performer on the Watercress Line.

Class:  Schools class V
Region:  Southern
Number:  925
Name:  Cheltenham
Livery:  Southern Malachite Green
Built:   1934, Eastleigh
Home Base: Watercress Line (owned by the National Collection)

2012 - Watercress Railway - Ropley - Ex - LMS Black 5 5MT - 45379

The Watercress line’s resident ex-LMS “Black 5” will stand in for cancelled S15 class 825.

Class:  LMS “Black 5” (5MT)
Region:  Midland
Number:  45379
Livery:  BR Lined Black
Built:   1937, Newcastle
Home Base: Watercress Line

2012 - Watercress Railway - Ropley - West Country Class - 34007 Wadebridge

Long term resident 34007 Wadebridge will be the only working representative of engineer OVS Bulleid.

Class:  West Country Class
Region:  Southern
Number:  34007
Name:  Wadebridge
Livery:  BR Brunswick Green
Built:   1945, Brighton
Home Base: Watercress Line

Watercress Line - Boyneswood Road - 850 Lord Nelson

Hopefully this has given you food for thought on what we can expect during the Watercress Line’s Spring Steam Gala in 2012.  During the forthcoming week we shall be reporting on the steam action, so as usual, watch this space!