PLEASE VOTE!! Poll To Find The Most Famous Steam Locomotive…

Please vote and share this poll!  This poll is now closed.  Results will be announced on 10th May in issue 21 of UK Heritage Hub.

Contenders for the award of most famous steam locomotive are…

The First “Modern” Steam locomotive:

Stephenson's Rocket - The Science Museum (Remains of - original NRM National Collection)

The first unofficial 100 mph world steam record holder:

2011 - Watercress Line - Alresford - 3717 City of TruroThe first official 100mph world steam record holder:

Churston - 60103 Flying Scotsman

The world steam record holder at 126 mph:

Christopher Sutcliffe - LNER A4 class - 4468 Mallard

Australia’s most famous steam locomotive:

NSWGR C 3801 - 3801 arrives in Newcastle - copyright Thomas Barnes

The last locomotive overhauled by BR:

Rowan Jackson - NRM - Britannia 7MT class - 70013 Oliver Cromwell

The last locomotive built by BR:

Christopher Sutcliffe - NRM 9F class - 92220 Evening Star

One of the children’s favourite’s:

2013 Day out with Thomas - Watercress Line - Ropley - Ex-Austerity  class - 1 Thomas & class 11 shunter 12049

A train powered by magic:

Olton Hall photographed at London Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland 2011

The King of Copley Hill:

Simon Martin - 60114 WP Allen - British Railway Stories

The youngest mainline steam engine in the UK:

2012 - Mainline Working - The Cathedrals Express - Winchester - A1 class - 60163 Tornado - BR Blue


Throughout March 2013, we were accepting nominations for a shortlist of the “most famous steam locomotives” to put together a poll to find the winner.  Today after 118 different nominations; the shortlist can be revealed and the poll go live for voting!  Special thanks for pictures from Rowan Jackson (70013 Oliver Cromwell) and Christopher Sutcliffe (4468 Mallard and 92220 Evening Star) of UK Heritage Hub (Click here to download and read it) plus Thomas Barnes (3801), Nick Littlewood (6000 King George V) and Simon Martin of the British Railway stories (60114 WP Allen).

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  1. 3801 is the Locomotive that has been a constant in my life -since 1943 = so it gets my vote = but they are all great


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