A Sleepy Saturday At Havenstreet

2013 - Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet - Ex-LBSCR E1 class - 32110On a visit to the Isle of Wight last Saturday, I briefly stopped at Havenstreet on the Steam Railway. 

The railway is a lovely line to visit; full of character and branch-line charm.

2013 - Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet - Southern carriage rakeProbably due to it being change-over day, the railway often does not run on Saturday’s.  I have to admit to wondering if the railway is missing a trick here.  Many day trippers come to the Island on a Saturday, not to mention the people who live on the Island who work Monday to Friday.  I may be wrong tn thinking this of course, but the anecdotal evidence of seeing other people turn up and turn away at the station after seeing the line is closed does make you think!

2013 - Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet - Invincible Ajax & W24 CalbourneEven though the station was sleepy, it was still nice to have a quick look all the same.  I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures from this visit!

2 thoughts on “A Sleepy Saturday At Havenstreet

  1. It’s a wonderful little railway, no mistake.
    That’s why I also find it strange that they don’t operate on a Saturday. I could understand if there were staffing issues as that’s the reason we currently only operate at Whitrope on a Sunday. We are still in the process of training crews but I imagine as a well-established railway, the IOW would have a decent sized cadre of qualified staff. I’m sure there’s a sound reason, but to the outsider it looks like they are missing some useful additional revenue.


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