Mallard and Flying Scotsman Beer

Locoyard Mallard and Flying Scotsman Beers with models

After seeing The Great Gathering at the National Railway Museum, York (click here to read more), what better way was there to continue the celebrations than going home with a bottle of Flying Scotsman and a bottle of Mallard Beer!  So here is a vague attempt at a taste test, just in case any of you have thought of purchasing either of these beers.

We start with Mallard Premium Beer that comes from Wold Top Yorkshire Brewery.  This beer was very light and quite fruity and aromatic; not unlike certain “golden” or summer ales I’ve tried before and just the thing for a warm summer’s evening.

Our second beer from the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh and although the same strength as the Mallard (at 4%) the flavour is almost oak-like, dry and deep.  In my opinion it is the nicer of the two beers, and has an almost whiskey-like quality.

Neither beer was bad at all and I can thoroughly recommend both, but if I’d pick one, it would be the Flying Scotsman bitter from the Caledonian Brewery.  Mrs Locoyard agreed, so there’s even been some independent verification for this!

All that’s left to say is; Cheers locoyard followers!

Locoyard Mallard and Flying Scotsman Beers with models