1938 Hornby Dublo Advert – courtesy of Nick Littlewood

Nick Littlewood - Hornby Dublo Advert - December 1938 edition of LMS Magazine

Nick Littlewood has once again sent in a gem!  This time it is an original advert for Hornby Dublo found in December 1938’s edition of LMS Magazine.  In keeping Mallard 75 celebrations it featuring an A4 class model that Nick and I think is Sir Nigel Gresley.  Do you agree?  Feel free to comment!

Followers of this blog who use twitter to follow Nick  (@NickPLittlewood).  As this scan proves, he always has something interesting to post!  Nick has contributed to other blog posts in the past – be sure to check out the Guest Blog page for all other contributions, particularly the 1937 Coronation brochure (click here for more) that is very relevant given the Mallard 75 celebrations.

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