Travelling with the A4s, a model story.

What an amazing story and very fitting given that today is the start of part 2 of the Great Gathering!

National Railway Museum blog

Today’s guest blog was written by Simon Kohler from Hornby. During our Autumn Gathering, Simon talks about the effect the A4s have had on both his personal and professional life.

I well remember seeing my first A4 locomotive. It was at a level crossing at Rossington, a small mining area on the outskirts of Doncaster.  The family was there over a weekend to see some friends and I had been forced to go out with my elder brother who was an avid trainspotter.  I didn’t really want to go but as those who remained snug and warm were all talking adult stuff I decided to.  It was a cold wet and windy Saturday morning in early December 1959 and as I trudged along with my brother, hands in pockets and probably moaning, I had no idea that what I was going to see that morning would come back time and…

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