Model Of The Week – Collett Goods Class (2251) 2253

Locoyard - Bachmann BR ex-GWR Collett Goods (2251 class) 0-6-0 - 2253

Our model of the week is a humble 0-6-0 of Swindon origin.  Bachmann’s version of the Collett Goods class is an elderly yet still decent model (click here for the review) that can be found for very reasonable prices.  This weathered version, number 2253 found it’s way into the Locoyard fleet last year, originally as a temporary loco, but I’ve yet the heart to sell it!  Today we look the history of the real Collett Goods class number 2253.

Locoyard - Bachmann BR ex-GWR Collett Goods (2251 class) 0-6-0 - 2253Collett’s 2251 (or Collett Goods) class were fairly typical British 0-6-0’s, despite being built at a time when 0-6-0’s were somewhat in decline.  The Collett Goods class were effectively a modern version of the Victorian-era GWR Dean Goods class 0-6-0, with proper cabs and taper boilers.  As was common on 0-6-0’s towards the end of the nineteenth century when engineering practices improved; both the Dean and Collett Goods classes had inside cylinders.  Having inside cylinders isn’t as cheap to build or maintain as having outside cylinders, but it is a lot more stable.

Locoyard Halloween Black 13 - 80009 30587, 2253 & 82019Compared to six-coupled predecessors; the Collett Goods class were not the most numerous 0-6-0 type built; with the class eventually totaling 120 in number, built in many batches, the last ones being completed in 1948.  This means that class has one claim to fame – they were the last 0-6-0 type to be built in the UK.  2253 was in the first batch of locomotives and emerged from Swindon works in 1930.

Locoyard - Bachmann BR ex-GWR Collett Goods (2251 class) 0-6-0 - 2253Although 0-6-0’s were primarily built for stopping freight services, the class proved useful to the GWR for mixed traffic duties, as Collett had intended.  Originally finished in GWR Green, 2253 gained it’s BR black livery after nationalisation in 1948.  At the time, 2253 was based in Bristol (82B St. Philips Marsh).

Locoyard - Bachmann BR ex-GWR Collett Goods (2251 class) 0-6-0 - 2253Unfortunately 2253 was not to survive beyond the end of steam on British Railways.  Withdrawn in 1965 from Worcester, 2253 was cut up for scrap.  Fortunately, a classmate (albeit a younger one) did survive; 1946 built 3205.  3205 is in working order (as of 2013) and can be found on the South Devon Railway.

Locoyard - Bachmann BR ex-GWR Collett Goods (2251 class) 0-6-0 - 2253

Don’t forget the history of many other locomotive prototypes of the locoyard model fleet can be found by clicking on the “Prototype Info” links on the Loco Models page (click here for more).  Thanks for reading! 🙂