Eastleigh’s 4CEP


4CEP power car 61229 (7105) and driving motor brake second open S61230

Whilst on the way to work on 35005 I noticed something rather special sitting in the Arlington Works in the form of 4CEP power car 61229 (7105) and driving motor brake second open S61230. I have always liked the 4CEP as they were the trains that I saw the most during my childhood and used to love seeing them go up the incline to Portsmouth and Southsea station. By a coincidence this units last known working with South West Trains was on 8th December 2003 when it ran empty from Southampton to Portsmouth Harbour to form the 06:54 to Waterloo then 09:08 return to Portsmouth Harbour and finally the 10:51 empties to Fratton.

The train is owned by  the EPB Preservation Group who moved their 4CEP driving motor cars to Eastleigh to begin the restoration of this unit back to its original condition. The EPB Preservation Group has an  ambitious plans to restore their CEP 7105 to original condition. Basic structural work to restore the guards compartment will be done there, at the same time removing the corrosion that the unit has suffered due to being in open storage over the years. To keep up to date with the EPB Preservation Group’s work visit there website below.


Similar to 35005, 7105 was also built at Eastleigh Works so it’s nice to see her being restored so close to where she was built. I did have a close up look at her on the way through and she is in great condition, however I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of her when I was in the yard. So if you would like to see some more photos I would recommend you check out  Carl Watsons Railway photography page here. He is the official photographer of the Eastleigh works and has some great shots of the 4CEP, various other units in the yard and even a couple of 35005.

Thanks for reading about this brilliant project.

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