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Bluebell Railway -  Sheffield Park - SECR C class 592 (from engine shed)Tonight I’m rather cheekily posting part of the Locoyard article to be found in edition 34 of UK Heritage Hub, though with different pictures!  The message is just as important here…

Calling all potential bloggers out there!  We are looking for new authors!  Volunteers, enthusiasts, modellers are all welcome to apply!2009 - North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Grosmont Engine Shed - BR standard 4MT 4-6-0 - 75029 & S&DJR 7F 52809 started life as a model railway diary that became public a little over two years ago.  It soon diversified into a heritage railway blog, with added guest contributions, model reviews, competitions and polls until it became what it is today.  The web site is no longer just a personal blog and now has three regular authors including none other than UK Heritage Hub itself.  It is through the expanded content, particularly as a result of Simon’s volunteer diary that has led us to see if anyone else would like to join in too!

35005 Canadian Pacific - 2013 Eastleigh WorksWhy choose to blog from  For starters it is an established base for people who share our interests. It has already received over a quarter of a million hits.  There are other reasons to join too, such as receiving free support that include proof reading.  We can create a web page for you that link your articles together so that they can be found easily.  The web platform works well with Facebook, twitter and other social media including You Tube.

2013 - Kent and East Sussex Railway - Rolvenden - Ex-LBSCR A1X Terrier 32678 & 376 Norwegian loco yardThere is regular content added to too.  Even if it means re-blogging from other sites, we do our best to make sure that there is something new and relevant on the blog every day.  This means that people regularly come back to the site, as there is always something new to see.  So you may write an article a week or every two weeks but the website will still be a place that is regularly visited.

002- Buckfastleigh - 5786You may be asking what can you blog – well anything that is related to UK Heritage Hub!  Simon (amongst other articles) uses it as a diary to record the strip and inspection of 35005 Canadian Pacific in Eastleigh works.  This has been a very successful set of blog posts and as a result Simon is keen to see more volunteers’ blog as well.  UK Heritage Hub uses as a platform to head campaigns and promote events.  You may be a volunteer, an enthusiast, a photographer, a collector, a modeller (perhaps a model reviewer), an organisation, a charity… the list is long.  Just get in touch if you are interested in becoming a Locoyard blogger!

Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet - WD198 Royal Engineer