WSR Spring Gala

Sunday saw me head off for a day at WSR Spring Gala. Plenty of locomotives and also a non stop Atlantic Coast Express.

2 thoughts on “WSR Spring Gala

  1. Excellent video, great locations. Very enjoyable to watch. Living in Australia, we have to travel so far across the country to see such an assortment of steam locomotives. Luckily you in the UK have quite an assortment of locomotives to see running. The way heritage groups in the UK are putting locomotives back together, maintain and keep running is a testament to the hard work put in by so many. I just wish we had a better variety of working steam locomotives down under and not hundreds of miles apart.

    Cheers, Gary.


  2. Thanks for your kind words Gary. I am support crew with 6024 King Edward 1 and it truly is a wonderful if hardworking hobby. Yes, we are truly lucky here in the UK to have such a wonderful range of locomotives throughout the country and many of them mainline. I can recommend the ‘Dawlish Beach Cam’ if you would like to see mainline steam live in the UK. Check out ‘’ and look for anything going from Exeter down to the South West of England. That will give you an idea of when to look at the live realtime cam.




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