Digging into the LocoYard archives

Digging through the LocoYard archives I came across which was shared but not really looked into.



The photo shows 6024 ‘King Edward 1’ pretending to be sister engine 6004 ‘King George III’ during the West Somerset Railway on  21st Gala March 1997. It was done after a member of the 6024 society paid for the opportunity to see this lost piece of history. I do like it when locomotives switch numbers for things such as photo charters as it does allow to us recreate pieces of history that wouldn’t normally be possible.

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One thought on “Digging into the LocoYard archives

  1. Kind of surprised this photo wasnt questioned as its actually fake. The photo itself is taken from the LocoYard achives but copied and pasted an ‘0’ from 6024 to make 6004. This never actually happened as it was our (very rushed) Aprils Fools post/


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