Saturday lunch review: all aboard The Great Central Railway

This is a very interesting review of the Great Central railway’s dining train!

Leicester Vegan

For today’s restaurant review I thought I’d do something a bit different – The Great Central Railway.

When Andrew and I moved into our new home in North Leicester last summer, we were delighted to realize you can hear the old steam trains going by during the day. The old tracks run right by our house, and the Leicester North station is walking distance from us. Riding the vintage trains is so much fun and it feels just like you’re in a Harry Potter movie! (sorry, that seems to be my point of reference for all quintessentially English experiences). Most trains don’t have food carts – they just connect people to Leicester, Quorn, Rothley and Loughborough where you can get out, explore the old stations and have a bite to eat at the cafes.

There are, however, food carts that run on the weekends throughout the year, including special food events such…

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