What’s your favourite toy train?

Mine has to be the Hornby Harry Potter set! Always wanted one as a child and managed to get one a few years ago was a happy big (but slightly old) kid

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We’ve been going through all the toys in the National Railway Museum’s collection. It might seem a bit odd that we collect toys, but as every parent knows, kids love trains. For lots of us our first introduction to railways would have been through books, toys, TV, clothing and furniture. Our nursery’s are full of railway characters and adventure. So it’s an important part of how we experience ‘trains’ and there are lots of things in the Museum’s stores which are familiar from childhood.

Train toy from the 1940's Building Blocks from the 1940’s

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One thought on “What’s your favourite toy train?

  1. Currently mine is the Bachmann Branchline Western Rambler set (A perfect starter set). I also love my little Bachmann Branchline GWR 57xx/8750 class Pannier paired with 2 shirt button Great Western coaches (Exactly as depicted in Don Breckon’s Country Pannier painting).


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