Review: Heljan Class 17

Another great model review by Andy! I have reblogged 3 of his reviews this week and they have all been excellent and well worth checking out.

Calling All Stations

Next up for Review the Heljan Class 17 in BR Blue (Item no. 17081). I bought this a couple of months ago having never bought Heljan before, let’s check it out…


Class 17 – Image By Paul Miller

117 Class 17 Clayton Type 1 Diesel-Electrics were built in 1963 in Derby and spent the majority of their short life in the Scottish Regions.

Diesel locomotives of the time had been designed much like steam engines, with a cab at the rear and engine bay protruding down the length of the body (bellow).

Class 20 – Image By Pcgenius9

By nature the Class 15, 16 and 20 (above) all gave drivers pretty poor forward visibility. The solution to this problem gave the Class 17 it’s unique design with its single centrally mounted cab and shallow bonnets either side both accommodating an individual Paxman 6 cylinder engine. Such a layout on mainline locomotives had never…

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