News round-up Q2 2014

A great update on the progress the various new builds across the country are making. Got to admit I have been amazed by the progress 2007 Prince of Wales has made in such a short period of time.

New Build Steam

The second quarter of the year has seen substantial progress on numerous projects, with two more locomotives now existing as rolling chassis and many major components ordered. There have also been interesting developments on new build projects outside the normal remit of this site – see the end of the update for details.

2007 Prince of Wales
45551 The Unknown Warrior
72010 Hengist
3MT 82045
60163 Tornado
F5 789
LNWR George the Fifth
1014 County of Glamorgan
2999 Lady of Legend
6880 Betton Grange
8783 Phoenix
Worsdell G5
32424 Beachy Head
Off-topic (1): NBL Class 22
Off-topic (2): modern steam in the USA

2007 Prince of Wales

The P2 project’s flying start continues: the frames were rolled on St George’s Day and profiles on May 21st at TATA steel in Scunthorpe. The process was started by Sir Nigel Gresely’s Grandsons, Ben and Tim Godfrey.

Subsequently, the locomotive’s eight driving…

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