44932 – Superb Stanier in the South Summer 2014

Following a series of locomotive failures in the spring and summer of 2014, the West Coast Railway Company’s LMS 5MT 44932 was rostered to take charge of several railtours with various promoters to a wide variety of destinations across the south.

In this video by regular UKHH contributor James Corben, we follow 44932 around the south and south west on many of it’s duties. Included in this video, are three Cathedrals Express excursions, two Swanage Belle excursions and footage from day 3 of the Great Britain VII, when the ‘Black 5’ took 11 coaches over the challenging Welsh Marches.





2 thoughts on “44932 – Superb Stanier in the South Summer 2014

  1. Great video. There is something special about Black 5s…, especially at full flight ! Thanks for sharing.




    • Thanks Gary. Completely agree with you, the black 5 just looks right somehow. An example of an excellent locomotive design.




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