Brookes Castle at Night

Good evening,

Recently I have realised I haven’t played with my trains in a couple of months and have been in a modelling funk. So in order to try and get my modelling juices flowing I have been watching a few of my old videos on YouTube and thought I’d share my favorite one.

I am trying to model a fictitious GWR-style shed set in the preservation era so I can run what I want.  Hopefully progress will pick up as I would love to get the ash/cinder base coat around the shed completed so I can start the text stage of modelling. The problem is; where it is such time consuming work you can get easily distracted or bored so process becomes slow.

Anyway hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Brookes Castle at Night

  1. Nice vid, but I believe the description wording needs changing. You ‘don’t play with trains’ you ‘operate a model railway’.

    Graham (Yellowwellies)


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