The Jacobite Journey

A brilliant post looking at the Jacobite route. Got to admit its very high on my bucket list.

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Fort William to Mallaig

All aboard!
Woke up like it was Christmas morning, beyond excited. I was headed to Fort William with Iain so we could take The Jacobite train to Mallaig.
Now that might not sound that exciting to you, but let me tell you why I was so giddy. Not only was this trip was was voted Best Rail Journey on a load of travel sites, but it is also know as The Hogwarts Express!
The Jacobite steam train was used as the Hogwarts Express, and the route it takes, is also used as the route to Hogwarts. I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I got to ride the same train on the same route as the movies! *Nerd moment*


The journey itself was beautiful. The train took us around highland mountains, past ocean deltas, beside beautiful lochs, and through some pretty wooded areas. It was…

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