Asperger’s Flyer: The Loco Arrangements!

The Steam and Scones event at the Talyllyn Railway on the 31st July will have a very special locomotive that will be hauling two of the Flyers.

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On the 19:00 train, the Asperger’s Flyer will be hauled by none other than No. 2, Dolgoch, who was the inspiration to one of the Rev. Awdry’s famous narrow gauge locomotives. Despite being known as a tearaway on the Skarloey Railway,Dolgoch has said he will behave himself and not derail or get stuck in any tunnels! The 10:30 the Flyer will be hauled by No. 4, Edward Thomas, and the 15:45 will be hauled by No. 6, Duncan. Please remember. that the tickets for the 19:00 train are now FREE! Just turn up and travel, it will be a fantastic event!

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However, before excitement on the Talyllyn Railway, another location in Wales is also playing host to the Flyer, the Llangollen Railway, on the 30th July, with 4MT locomotive 80072, a 4MT locomotive which reflects the Flyer’s origins on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway’s 4MT, 80002, The original photo above was taken by Sam Shenton.

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Then, right afterwards, on the 1st August, the Flyer will be visiting the Llanbris Lake Railway, the 5th railway this year, All profits from the 4:00pm departure of the Lake Flyer going towards the Asperger’s Fundraiser,  thanks to the LLR. The original image above was taken by Myles Jones.

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The Aperger’s Flyer has a busy few days coming up very soon, I hope you can join them on this groundbreaking event!


Thanks for reading.