Recreating a First World War Ambulance Carriage

Today marks the 100th anniversary since the outbreak of the First World War. To commemorate this historic date the NRM have done a brilliant piece looking at recreating a First World War ambulance carriage.

National Railway Museum blog

The role of the British railways in the First World War is almost too huge to begin to contemplate: from 10 to 17 August 1914 alone, 68,847 men, 21,523 horses, 166 guns, 2,446 vehicles, 1,368 bicycles and 2,550 tonnes of baggage and stores were moved from the UK to France by rail.  184,475 railway workers joined the forces, and many more stayed behind to build the vehicles required for the war effort and to keep the UK’s railways running.

To all the officials, to all the men, and to the large number of women who are employed by the railways to-day, for their devotion to duty, for the immense amount of hard work which they are doing, and for the long hours in which they are engaged, we owe a real, genuine debt of gratitude. Sir Albert Stanley, President of the Board of Trade, 15 May 1918

Photograph from a…

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