Bright Idea – 52 Week Photographers Challenge

Some greats shots of a certain A4 in a British Railways Express Blue livery.

52 Weeks of Bill's Life

To do this theme justice I have to tell a story – I have always wanted to take pictures of steam trains and the North Yorkshire Railway Company was close by on my recent vacation. Great so Jeff, the brother in-law, and I worked out the timetables and went to the venue. I talked to the station master who told me the direction the train would be traveling in, so we planned our positions around the train coming through a tunnel,with a low angle and the leading lines (pun intended) we would capture the majesty of the sight with a full head on view of the front of the train. We heard the whistle and saw the steam from the other side of the bridge and wouldn’t you believe it  – it was pulling the coaches but its coal truck was leading the way (Bass Ackwards). Evidently the line does…

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