New 00 Scale Model Steam Locomotive Releases

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It’s been a little while since we’ve commented on new model releases on this blog and to be honest a big reason for that is that it is becoming hard to keep track (excuse the pun) of the new announcements.  I remember a time when the model manufacturers would publish a new catalogue each year that would contain the new models they are intending to produce in the coming year.  Those days seem a long and distant memory now.

There are many reasons for the seemingly random announcements that come through various social media.  For starters, there are now many model manufacturers.  Hornby and Bachmann are not the only players in the ready to run 00 scale steam locomotive game, as Heljan, Dapol and the new kid on the block; DJ Models are fighting for our attention, with 00 Works still producing new models.  We should also note that shops and magazines are now commissioning there own models – these do not appear in the catalogues and add to the variety.

I’m sure I’m not the first to do this and indeed I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes out of date the instant it is published; but here in one place is a all new models that will become available in the next few months or years.

Midland Region

2008 - Ropley - Ivatt 2MT - 41312The latest all new ready to run steam locomotive model was of Midland origin has just been released by Bachmann in the form of the 1F 0-6-0T.  Also in the pipeline from Bachmann is an upgraded version of Ivatt’s 2MT 2-6-2T, that will feature DCC compatibility and prototypical motion and valve gear.  Yet another split chassis is about to “bite the dust”, something that makes DCC users like myself very happy!

In fact, as far as I am aware, Bachmann are the only manufacturer developing new midland region machines.  Stanier’s 2-6-0 mogul will be appear in model form in due course, as will LNWR Webb 0-6-2T Coal Tank.  The interesting thing about the coal tank was the timing of the announcement – just a few weeks after the firms new Bachmann catalogue was released.

North Eastern Region

2009 - North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Goathland - ex-LNER Q6 class - 63395There are a plethora of new eastern region prototype’s on there way!  After the recent release of Hornby’s P2 we will have two other new eight-coupled north eastern locomotives.  One is to be produced by DJ Models, the Raven Q6 0-8-0.  Heljan meanwhile are to produce Gresley’s Tango 02 class 2-8-0.

R3233-R3235-LNER-4-4-0-D16-3-Class-V1The attractive 4-4-0 D16/3 Super Claud is an exciting prospect from Hornby.  Arguably even more exciting is the National Railway Museum’s Great Northern Railway Ivatt C1 Atlantic.  This will be produced by Bachmann, who are also building the similar Marsh LBSCR Atlantic.

R3230-R3232-LNER-0-6-0-J15-ClassHornby are to produce the GER J15 class, adding another ready to run 0-6-0 to the market.  0-6-0’s are vital types for model railways and its good to see the attention of the manufacturers is now supporting this.  Another workhorse for Eastern Region modellers on its way from Hornby is Thompson/Peppercorn’s K1 Class 2-6-0.

1993 - Buckfastleigh - BR J94 Austerity Tank 68011 Errol LonsdaleThe J94 and it’s industrial siblings the Hunslet Austerity is the subject of a forthcoming DJ Models that is likely to be a big improvement on Hornby’s ex-Dapol offering (click here for the review.)

Finally for the North Eastern modeller will be a welcome DCC upgrade to Bachmann’s V2 2-6-2T.

Southern Region

1994 Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park - LSWR B4 class 96 NormandySouthern region modellers have plenty to look forward to.  Dapol are to produce the LSWR B4 0-4-0T, Kernow Model Rail Centre (with DJ Models) are to produce the LSWR 02 0-4-4T and Hornby the LSWR 700 Blackmotor class 0-6-0 and LSWR Adams Radial tank, that is also in development by Oxford Models (click here for more).

2011 - Bluebell Railway - Sheffield Park - Ex LBSCR E4 B473LBSCR E4 class 0-6-2T is likely to be arriving within a few months from Bachmann, who also are producing the Marsh Atlantic 4-4-2, also of LBSCR origin.  Completing a trio of LBSCR locomotives (and another Marsh Atlantic) will be from 00 Works in the form of I3 class 4-4-2T.

2014 Kent and East Sussex Railway 40th Anniversary Gala Tenterden Town USA Class Southern Dock-Tank 65The final steam engine of southern origin is Model Rail’s Bachmann commission in the form of USA tank 0-6-0T locomotive.

Western Region

Didcot Railway Centre - 6023 King Edward IIAs with the Adams Radial Tank, there are two manufacturers developing new models of the GWR King class.  Hattons have announced that in collaboration with DJ Models, they will be producing a high-spec new model of the King class.  Within a few days, Hornby also announced their intention to upgrade their old model (reviewed here by Simon.)  Whether this will lead to a change of heart by Hattons (considering that Hornby seemed to be at a more advanced stage in development) remains to be seen.  But nevertheless, it’s exciting for Western Region Modellers!

London Hyde Park - 5972 Olton Hall Hogwarts ExpressThe King class is not the only example of a GWR class that is being duplicated. Despite there being a decent Bachmann model of the class (reviewed here,) Hornby a producing a version of the 49xx Hall to fit into both their Railroad and main ranges.  It’s not all duplication on the hall front though, as Bachmann are working on improving their old modified hall class.  The re-release should have been released some time ago, but due to a few problems it was recalled.

Also in the distant (2016 Horizon, Heljan plan to produce a model of the 47xx Night Owl 2-8-0.

South Devon Railway (Buckfastleigh) GWR Pannier Tank 64xx class 6430 & 1366 class  1369Bachmann are working on another Hawksworth locomotive in the form of the pannier 64xx class.  Meanwhile Heljan will be producing a different pannier tank, the outside cylinder 1366 class.  As surprising as the 1366 announcement was, even more unusual is Kernow Model Railway Centre’s decision to produce a model of the saddle tank 1361 class in collaboration with DJ Models.  However, the biggest wow is in Kernow and DJ Plans to reproduce the GWR railmotor in 00 scale!

Didcot Railway Centre - 14xx 1466Hattons have commissioned DJ Models to produce an updates version of the classic GWR 14xx/48xx/58xx 0-4-2T.  For more info on versions to be produced go to

Industrial Locomotives

1995 - Wansford - Derek CrouchAs well as the aforementioned Hunslet Austerity, DJ Models have taken the plunge and announced another industrial locomotive in the form of Hudswell Clarke’s 24t 0-6-0ST Locomotive.  It is great that industrial subjects are being considered at long last and I sincerely hope this model does well.

Lots of Models!

I haven’t touched on 009 gauge ready to run models either, which are being produced by Peco (for rolling stock), Heljan and Bachmann. That is the icing on the cake because as you can see, there are many models on their way!  It is a very exciting time with new announcements being made more and more frequently.  I wonder what will come next… time will tell!  Click here to find out about the announcements that were made at Warley in 2014 and click here for more on Hornby’s 2015 range as announced on 17 December 2014.

 Please note that this article has been superseded, please click here for the updated blog post.