Crich Tramway August 2014

In August 2014, I visited the Crich Village Tramway, and it was a pleasant day, despite the weather continuing to what it does best during the summer, rain throughout the day.

There are numerous tram displays to look at, with the large sheds showcasing the variety of vehicles they have preserved. It is well worth to look around the site, as it really shows the development of how trams’ designs and capabilities changed over time.

I had lunch at the cafe, and ordered the pie and peas, a must if you are visiting. It is exceptional! It also helps to get out of the rain when it is coming straight down.

in the video, you can see the variety of trams that were on display and operational during the day.

Thanks for reading and watching!

One thought on “Crich Tramway August 2014

  1. Crich is definitely a must see, quite an eclectic selection of trams. (Particular favourites were the tram from my home town of paisley and the few portuguese examples) And yes, rita does a rare pie and peas!


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