LMS CCT 37071: Part 24

I’m not sure how, but I’ve only recently found this blog. It’s full of fascinating updates from the Nene Valley Railway’s wagon department, such as this one!

NVR Wagon Group

It’s been quite some time but an opportunity has finally arisen to start posting some of the backlog of updates that have accumulated over the last few months. A lot of progress has been made since the last update, with completion now firmly in sight – below is a step-by-step report to date, in roughly chronological order.

NVR 141001 001
Much of the focus since the last update has been on smaller ‘finishing off’ jobs, including making and installing the door fenders seen here. Note the coach bolts that require cutting to length, although this is a relatively ‘small’ job, it took several hours to complete.

NVR 141001 003
It was a very long time coming, but here it is: the final bolt! Hundreds of these have gone into the bodysides to fix the new side planks. Again, many hours of work undertaken.

NVR 141001 005
Another ‘small’ job; filling the various screwholes and flaws in the bodywork planks…

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