Photo Archive: Steam Train, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, Keighley Station, Keighley, 01/10/05.

Less than 10 years ago but its amazing how much things change in the railway world. Some great photos of the Taff Vale Railway No. 85 locomotive on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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1 of 7: Checking the engine before departure. 1 of 7.

When passing through Keighley on the train it is always tempting to get off there, run across the footbridge that connects the platforms and visit the steam railway on the far platform – especially when there is an engine bellowing steam all over the place! I think this was one of those occasions. I clearly wasn’t there for the day, because I didn’t get on the train. Here are the photographs of it leaving:

2-7. 2-7.

3-7. 3-7.

4-7. 4-7.

5-7. 5-7.

6-7. 6-7.

7-7. 7-7.

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