Gala Gallery – Watercress Line’s Home Fleet

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To round off my articles on the Watercress Line Spring Steam Gala, tonight we have a slideshow of remaining pictures, mainly of the home fleet in action.  I hope you enjoy the show!

3 thoughts on “Gala Gallery – Watercress Line’s Home Fleet

  1. Great pics Dave, I still haven’t finished sorting out my pics! Hopefully soon I’ll get to it – perhaps just before my next gala at the WSR!


    • Cheers Alex. It does take time to sort the pics. In the good old days you’d take 2 or 3 36 exposure films (tops!) Made life a lot easier than 800 or so digital images to wade through!


      • I do remember films, I used then too! I usually got a 24 roll one, it was a treat to get a 36 one when I went to the NRM, aged about 4 or 5 I think!


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