Night Mail… The Return

Tonight we have another story from retired Engine Driver John Anthony, recalling working on a powerful machine…

1997 - Ropley - 46229 de-streamlined Duchess of Hamilton (NRM)

After a sleep in Crewe railway lodge, I followed my driver down the platform and in rolled this massive steam engine with a string of coaches in tow! “CHEESE AND RICE” I thought, “A BLOODY LIZZY!” – 6250 City of Lichfield, non stop to London.  I climbed onto the footplate and it was like a cathedral, I looked into the fire and it growled at me and promptly singed my eyebrows!  Suddenly, I was deafened by this mighty howl as my mate blew the whistle! Climbing Madeley bank I started to heave the black stuff into the maws of this hungry beast and I heaved and heaved till there was no heaving left in me!  At Euston, our guard, all brass buttoned and brass necked, said to the platform inspector “I’ve just worked this one in mate!”


Many thanks to John for sending this in!  John’s contributions can be found on a dedicated web page (please click here.)