UKHHbanner This blog has come a long way since it’s first post in 2012 and working as part of UK Heritage Hub has certainly been one of its’ successes.  UK Heritage Hub is more than just an ezine, it is the bringing together of a community of like minded people and the work of Rowan Jackson as editor has been the driving force behind this movement.  The statement below from Rowan Jackson therefore is therefore sad news, but it gives all of us who write on this blog to say thank you to Rowan and wish him all the very best!

It is with an awfully heavy heart that I write this. But, Issue 58 will be the last issue of UK Heritage Hub of which I will be editor. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to take the decision and stand down from the post. However, whilst in discussion with a member of the editorial team, it was decided that I shall become the first Director of UKHH, so I can still be involved, but not to the extent that I am currently. So, what does this mean for the magazine? Well, UKHH will still continue to produce high quality magazines covering all the heritage aspects of the country of which you have come to expect from us. Matthew Collier is to step up and take on the Editor’s position as of Issue 59, with Joe Connell taking up the Deputy Editor’s role. I wish them the best of luck with everything, I know they both have some exciting and brilliant ideas of how to take UKHH to the next level.

I set up the UKHH e-zine several years ago, what now feels like a lifetime ago, and it has become part of who I am. However, there is no way that I could have done this single handily. I have had the pleasure of watching UKHH through the early days to now, watching it grow from strength to strength and breaking down new barriers in the process. It is to all the contributors, members of the team and to all the readers, I say thank you to for the last few years, UKHH would not be what it is now, without you all, I merely acted as ring leader! So, here is to the future, and long may UKHH continue, I for one know, that it will continue for a very long time to come, the only way is up!

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