Under a Q1

2013 National Railway Museum York - The Great Gathering - Southern Bulleid Q1 class - C1Good evening,

Last week I was on a family holiday back to my home town in Yorkshire and what sort of steam enthusiast doesn’t pop by the National Railway Museum whilst in the neighbourhood? Dave covered most of the exhibits that are based at the NRM in his post for the Great Gathering back in 2013 (which you can find here) so I will just feature things that have changed since that visit.

The first of these was the Bulleid Q1 class C1 which was on the inspection pit road. The inspection pit gives people the rare opportunity to see underneath a steam locomotive to see all the initial workings. The Q1 is the cause for much debate amongst steam enthusiasts because of its ugly duckling looks, I have never been a fan of its looks myself but I do find its rather quirky. If you click on the photos below you can flick through them in order to see the interesting world beneath a steam locomotive.

For more information on the Q1 check out Dave’s post here were he looks at the prototype.

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