Queen Elizabeth II Longest Reigning UK Monarch

Locoyard Queens Diamond Jubilee (Standard 3MT) - Bachmann 82019Today Queen Elizabeth II became the United Kingdom’s Longest reigning Monarch.  In 2012 when locoyard’s model railway was in operation, her Diamond Jubilee was marked by a special Royal Train.  The model was chosen because the prototype was built in the same year the Elizabeth II was crowned, giving an idea of how long her 23,226 days 18 hours (as this goes to press) means in terms of technological development.  When she was crowned we were building steam locomotives for the mainline – think how much the world has changed since then!

Bachmann BR Standard 3MT (Locoyard Royal Train)

Today as the Queen passed this incredible milestone, she opened the new Borders Railway.  She was hauled by A4 class 60009 Union of South Africa.  It’s nice to think that even after all this time, steam traction is still a part of our lives!  The BBC put together an excellent short video that can be found by clicking here.2013 National Railway Museum York - The Great Gathering - BR A4 60009 Union of South AfricaFinally, on the subject of locoyard’s model railway, things are moving as fast as my (admittedly poor) carpentry skills dictate!  But there will be some news in the not too distant future…

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