Save our Historic Railway Works Buildings of Wolverton


Another week, and another petition on Change.Org to save more of the historical buildings of our railway past. This time, a petition has been set up for St Modwen Developments Ltd. in Wolverton, where their are plans to build houses on the site and demolish the original buildings. While this country does need more houses, it would be a sad to lose the railway buildings which have held the royal train, and is said to be one of the most famous railway works in the country.

I am hoping that by doing this we can try and get the demolition stopped and the buildings saved for future rail use. The plan by St Modwen is just wrong they say that none of the buildings have any historical value and are not worth saving   The history of the site has not been taken into account.. The Wolverton Bloomer engines by McConnell where built on site.   St Modwen plan is also designed to strip Wolverton of the historic buildings we have all grown to love. They say all the buildings are unsafe which is not true Surly if the building are unsafe they would not use them everyday. If they demolish all the buildings and replace them with modern warehouses, then the works will never be able to grow because there will not be the room.Wolverton will never be the same..Wolverton works is the oldest running railway works in the world and was the most famous in it’s hay day.. The Royal train is also housed here and no where in the plan do they intend on having it here. If they really have to build houses, then they should build within the shells of the old buildings. but the site should be left alone. Please lets help save the buildings.

It would be good if the original building could be incorporated into the new housing development to keep the history of the past, in a modern housing development.

I have linked the petition at the top of this article.

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One thought on “Save our Historic Railway Works Buildings of Wolverton

  1. From the other side of the World I offer my support, we something in common I’m trying to SAVE the Kingston Flyer Steam Railway at Queenstown, New Zealand ! Sadly the QLDC Queenstown Lakes District Council has REMOVED the 2x Ab Class Steam Locomotives ( Ab795 was used to haul Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Train around NZ on Her first NZ Royal Visit 1954 ) plus 7 Wooden Carriage’s & all the Kingston Flyer’s Rolling Stock will be REMOVED from their 2015 District Plan Heritage Register ! This will then allow any New Purchaser to REMOVE the Steam Train Set from Kingston where it has operated for over 43 years !
    So please can you all write Emails to QLDC on Facebook and website telling them to Reinstate all the Kingston Flyer’s Rolling Stock back onto the Council’s District Plan Heritage Register ASAP ! This needs to happen before 30th October 2015
    Thanks Karl Barkley


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