The curse of Tangmere

IMG_5726Good evening,

Our hobby is rather brilliant but sometimes it can be soul destroying. Last weekend Tangmere was hauling the Royal Wessex from Three Bridges to Weymouth and after seeing some of the great shots from the outward leg when I got home from work, I thought I would try to photograph her on the return leg. Arriving at my location a good 20 minutes before the train was due I made myself comfortable and chatted to some of the other enthusiasts, when we saw a 30 minute delay at Eastleigh on Real Time Trains. Hoping for the best we stayed at the location and sure enough our worse fears were confirmed 20 minutes when we saw the West Coast diesel hauling the train. I seem to be cursed this year with this the 3rd tour I went to see which ended in some form of failure.

Anyway hopefully next time will be more successful but until then,

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