Ghosts and Trains

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Ghosts and trains are connected in our minds, mainly thanks to ghost train rides at fairgrounds. However this is not where it ends! Some of you may also be familiar with ghost train hunters. These are invariably people who seek out railway stations and services that barely run on routes and stations on the National rail network. However, as today is Halloween, we are looking at some of the more unexplained phenomenon that some experience, focusing on stories from heritage railways.

Many of these stories refer to ghostly people, but the Severn Valley Railway is one of a few to supposedly be haunted by a ghost train. The ghost train runs through Bewdley station. The train itself is invisible but is said to leave a trail of steam as it passes through the station.

The Dolgoch viaduct on the Talyllyn Railway has had reports of whistles and lights at midnight, with a dark shape being spotted running along the track. In part many of these have been explained, but you never know!

The West Somerset Railway may also have a phantom train at Watchet, where they’ve also reports of chilling children’s laughter.

The longest preserved railway has other supernatural reports in the goods shed in Dunster, where it is said to be haunted by a dark figure. He is thought to be the ghost of a driver who was killed there.

The East Lancashire Railway’s waiting room at Bury Bolton Street station may be haunted. A photograph taken in 2007 showed a ghostly figure, possibly hooded.

Locoyard Ghost Train

At Elsecar Heritage Railway station in Yorkshire, a ghost of a white woman has been spotted. The woman disappears when approached.

Not seen since the 1990’s, the Lavender Line’s station in Isfield reputedly has a ghost of a Victorian young woman in white who waits for her lover who never arrives. She is the ghost if someone who sadly committed suicide by throwing herself under a train.

The Gloucester Warwickshire Steam Railway can also claim a paranormal presence at Winchcombe station, where a floating monk has been spotted.

Rothley station on the Great Central Railway has had sightings of various ghosts. A ghost of a porter has been seen in the early hours. Just before the offset of the second world war a dog with its owner were killed and now allegedly haunt the station building. The waiting room is also supposedly haunted by a woman in blue.

This isn’t the only animal spectre to be reported on heritage railways. Snowy the cat allegedly haunts Wansford Station on the Nene Valley Railway, looking for his owner who was the stationmaster who was killed by a train.

These stories are just a few I’ve found and I cannot substantiate any! They do however make for interesting reading on Halloween! So happy Halloween!

If you know of any other related stories of spooks, ghouls, ghosts, poltergeists, or any other paranormal activity, feel free to add your comments!

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