Mickey Mouse

With the Hughes Crab, Stanier Black 5 and this visitor – Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 46521 from the Great Central Railway in action, the Midland region was well represented at the Watercress Line’s Autumn Steam Gala 2015.  Nicknamed Mickey Mouse on account of its front-on appearance similarity with Disney’s famous character, this locomotive is a tender version of the 2MT 2-6-2T.  The railway is home to one of those tank engine versions (41312,) that unfortunately did not quite complete it’s overhaul in time to make the gala.

Unlike their tank engine cousins, the 2-6-0 mogul’s were very rare visitors to the south.  However, despite that, one of my favourite memories of my childhood is having a cab ride on classmate 46443 in the pouring rain on the Lavender Line in East Sussex.  It was therefore nice to see an Ivatt mogul in steam in the south again after many years.  As I was manning the Canadian Pacific stand during the gala I only have a few shots of 46521, however judging from some of the images being uploaded by Simon, there will be some excellent pictures to follow.  As ever, watch this space!

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