Crimson Lake Crab

Watercress Line Autumn Steam Gala 24 October 2015 - LMS Hughes Crab 13065Arguably one of the more striking of steam locomotive liveries; the deep red, maroon, carmine or crimson lake was used by the former London, Midland and Scottish Railway, inherited from the Midland Railway.  The Hughes Crab (or Horwich Mogul) wore this stunning livery at the beginning of its career, before being relegated somewhat by being painted black as per its mixed traffic status.  Such an illustrious colour does look good on this distinctive looking class and 13065 was a popular locomotive at the Watercress Line’s Autumn Steam Gala 2015.  Indeed it was a rare visit to the south for the only working surviving crab class locomotive, that had travelled some distance from its usual base at the East Lancashire Railway.  This no doubt contributed to the success of the Mid Hants Railway’s event.

The failure of my camera’s autofocus meant that the only attempts I made of capturing this 1927 built steam locomotive moving were not fit for publishing, but fortunately those of 13065 sitting still are a little better. I hope you like them!

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  1. Couldn’t quite make your mind up on the colour Dave? 🙂 It’s actually crimson lake, so one of your guesses was right! I think it’s one of the few shades I can be fairly sure of, start talking about brunswick/middle chrome/deep bronze green for locos and maroon/crimson for coaches or the BR loco colour and it all gets rather confusing. LMS and MR loco colour was definitely Crimson lake, as opposed to the old NSR’s slightly more “delicate” Madder lake.


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